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3D Production for the Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

Marketing and Communications: Interactive 3D can be leveraged to accomplish a wide range of Marketing objectives, including Product Marketing (functioning virtual products), Brand Marketing (BrandGames and Viral Campaigns), Corporate Communications (PowerPoint), Public Relations, Promotional Campaigns, Technical Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Channel Marketing.

Viral Branding: There are a number of critical attributes to creating a successful viral branding campaign, including having a small and manageable file size, real-time interactive response to the user interaction with the new media, photorealistic, Hollywood-like graphics and special effects, and common and widespread file formats that are familiar to the viewing public. Interestingly, i3D formats (.PDF, .DOC, .PPT, JAVA) accomplish all of these objectives in the hands of the savvy content producer.

Training and Education: One fo the most powerful applications of Interactive 3D technology is using real-time rendered 3D objects, products or technologies to allow users to educate themselves on a variety of topics and products at their own rate of speed, and while having an enjoyable User Experience.

Document Publishing: Four of the world's most accepted and widely used file formats, .PDF, .DOC, .XLS and .PPT, are all capable of embedded i3D content. i3D content can also be published on websites, in virtual worlds, via mobile phones, via Java technology, and in all popular operating systems.