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3D Production for the Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

Does the .PDF file format really support 3D!? Adobe's Acrobat Development Environment has supported i3D, or Interactive 3D, for almost five years now, since Version 7.0. There is a 3D engine inside of the Adobe Reader software, in versions: 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0 and 9.1. Acrobat Reader version 9.1.1 is now available on Adobe's Homepage, and you should avail yourself of this Free Download, as it fixes a number of security issues with the Acrobat PDF Reader application.

Aren't .PDF File Sizes for i3D Huge, like Video or Flash? Actually, interactive 3D content, which is "Rendered" (processed and drawn in real-time) on the end-viewer's PC (known as the "client-side") is comprised primarily of text data, mostly data-points and program logic. Because of this, new media presentations which may be 50MB (Flash) to 2GB (Video) will only be 512KB to 2MB using i3D PDF.

Can the .PDF format be used for Viral Campaigns? Yes. In fact, a true viral campaign is one in which the entire campaign, new media, message and entertainment, is "free floating," so that it can be passed along from Viewer (or in the case of interactive, User) to Viewer, without having to travel to a server location (URL). In real life people give viruses to each other, they don't go to a hospital to get them. Clever, fun i3D PDFs will get sent around the world like wildfire. Why? Because the .PDF file format is a trusted, universal format, and because the filesize, if properly produced, can be well under a megabyte!

Isn't 3D Production Expensive? 3D Content Production, especially for Film, Television and Games, can range from six-figures ($100,000) into the millions of dollars per production. We are able to create 3D content that is also 1000's of times smaller in data footprint (works on Internet and Mobile) as well as Interactive, at a five-figure price point. This makes our i3D content production services affordable for our clients, which include advertising agencies, major international brands, product manufacturers, service organizations, government agencies, new business start-ups, venture capital firms, and even non-profits.