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3D Production for the Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

3D4PDF artisans have been creating Interactive 3D (i3D) new media content using Adobe 3D technologies for a decade now, since creating the Sony Trinitron i3D Branding Website using Macromedia (now Adobe) Director. The Shockwave3D version of the TrinitronAdvantage website (since retired along with the brand) can be accessed on this page as well as an Acrobat 3D PDF version of the website content. After Director i3D, Adobe created Atmosphere, which we were beta-testers for and users of, and then Acrobat 3D, which we were also beta-testers for, and thus among the initial A3D users. We delivered projects under Acrobat Version 7.x and 8.x and are currently delivering i3D projects under Acrobat Reader 9.1.1. Below are samples of some of the Acrobat 3D PDF projects which we have created over the past few years as Adobe Acrobat 3D Developers. They are all under half a megabyte and will be up on the website for downloading by August.