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3D for PDF

E-Learning: Interactive 3D can be utilized to visualize challenging concepts which cannot easily be conveyed via static imagery, diagrams, or mere text descriptions. This is appropriate for all manners of training and simulation, such as end-user training, technical support demonstrations, product operation sims, interactive 3D animation, and similar objectives which may be needed for e-Learning or Training.

Electronic Press Kit [EPK]: The PR industry is about to jump onto the viral rich media bandwagon by implementing EPKs, or Electronic Press Kits, which almost universally use the Acrobat PDF file format. A new generation of EPKs, and the ones that will be passed along virally, are those which leverage new media technology such as Interactive 3D [i3D] which is afforded in Acrobat Reader version 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Product Virtualization: Now products can be realistically "virtualized" using i3D for inclusion in the same .PDF file which contains the marketing information for your product. Imagine a 3D functional version of the product which can replace the image of your product in the current version of your PDF. Complex products like VCRs, Remote Controls, Smartphones, Appliances, Power Tools and such can be fully demonstrated to potential buyers, such that the entire product feature set can be explored by potential customers prior to a purchase! i3D PDF simulation also reduces "10% product feature usage" problem.

Viral Rich Media: Acrobat PDF file format allows entire new media presentations to be encapsulated into a single file, in a format which can be attached to an e-mail and forwarded along from user to user. The earmark of viral new media is that the new media content is contained within a file format which is not captive to a server, but which can be freely sent around the world at the whim of the content viewer.

Dozens of Applications: The applications for i3D within the Acrobat 3D PDF file format are virtually unlimited. A few of the obvious applications have been discussed here, and many more business or entertainment PDF publications can be created which are under a megabyte. This is literally 1000 times less data than the data-heavy Flash or Digital Video content which is prevalent in new media today.